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yangonThe meaning of the word Yangon itself conveys a sense of tranquillity as it translates as "End of Strife". Yangon had been mentioned in ancient manuscripts as being the seat of King Okkapala when he constructed the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda and how it was successfully revered by both kings and their subjects throughout history. The city changed hands several times between the Mons, who were at that time the dominant force in Lower Myanmar and the Bamars coming down from Central Myanmar, with the Bamars finally winning and ending strife in Lower Myanmar. But Yangon was brought to prominence as a seaport after the annexation of lower Burma by the British in the 2nd Anglo-Myanmar War of 1854-1856.Expanded to include the former waterlogged areas that bordered the Yangon River a new CBD emerged with beautiful colonial buildings springing up, many representing worldwide trading houses from Britain having their branches set up in the country. Apart from the Shwedagon Pagoda and many other historical Buddhist pagodas around the city, these old colonial style buildings can still be seen in Yangon.

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