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Hsithe Village

New Tourist Destination on the Ayeyarwady River




8.00 am - Depart by car from central Mandalay
10.05 am - Arrive at Singu
10.15 am - Depart by boat to Hsithe
10.45 am - Arrive at Hsithe at visitor Centre
11.00 am – Casting fishing net with the fishermen
12.30 am – Picnic lunch at Visitor Centre/ read information boards/ shopping
13.30 pm – Village tour
15.15 pm - Depart Hsithe by boat
16.00 pm - Arrive Singu
16.15 pm – Depart Singu by car
18.20 pm - Arrive at Mandalay

After breakfast at your hotel, we will pick you up at 08.00 am by car. Our journey to Hsithe will take us north past Mandalay Hill. Passing through agricultural land, we drive through many villages, where you can see the daily life of rural Myanmar. The road passes to the east of the famous Marble Mountains, where the raw material for the marble carvers of Amarapura is mined. At 10.00 am we arrive at Singu, an attractive small town on the left bank of the Ayeyarwady River. Here you will be met by the village boat from Hsithe. The boat trip is a great opportunity to observe wildlife, particularly water birds such as Ruddy shelduck, Chinese spot-billed duck, Asian openbill and many Black kites and Cormorants. If you are lucky you may also see an Osprey or other migrating birds of prey. We arrive in Hsithe at 10.45, in time for light refreshment in the Visitor Centre. This attractive building is positioned on the east bank of the river with panoramic views. Often dolphins can be observed, feeding in the waters opposite. Now you will learn to be a fisherman/woman!  The training lasts one hour but is great fun. First you will be shown how to cast a net and then it is your turn!! Using a light net, especially designed for the purpose, you will have two or three trial throws on ground adjacent to the centre. Then you go by fishing boat to shallow waters and practice your skills. Young or old, male and female, this is something you will enjoy and remember. Lunch is taken in the visitor centre. After lunch, you will have time to look round the many information boards that explain about life in the village: the fishing, farming and the local wildlife, especially the Irrawaddy River dolphin. It is also an opportunity to buy locally-made handicrafts in the visitor centre shop. In the afternoon, you will go for a tour of the village, which will be led by one of the villagers. You can observe local village life in all its fascinating forms – the architecture, the people, the animals, the activities and the monasteries. It is a village of bullock carts, smiling children, and of communities going about their daily life - life which is little changed over the centuries. But sadly, it is now time for you to leave this timeless idyll. Once more you travel by boat. This time, you head upriver to Singu. The water birds look particularly beautiful in the afternoon light. You depart Singu at 16.15 pm and our delivered back to your hotel in Mandalay by about 18.30 latest.


Hsithe Village

  • • population is 3000 (including adjacent villages)
  • • there are 22 'Fishermen' (14 men and 8 women), in addition to fishing they are part-time farmers with additional income from pigs, chickens, ducks
  • • the fishermen are not restricted to one particular area of the village but are spread out in various compounds
  • • there are 4 generations of fishermen in the village
  • • agricultural production includes peanuts (dry season) and paddy in the rainy season, plus many kinds of beans, also cows, bullocks, pigs, chickens, ducks....
  • • the oldest fisherman is 70 and the youngest is 18
  • • the fishermen/women leave for fishing at 6.30 am in the morning and return at about 15.30 pm
  • • on average they fish 20 days a month, on 10 days they see dolphins and on 5 days they fish with dolphins
  • • typically they will catch 2.5 kg of fish and have an income of about $120 per month (but their income is decreasing)
  • • other activities in the village include fishnet making, tailoring (3 tailors)  and making cigars
  • • there is one large school with several hundred children
  • • children from the village and other villages are taught at the school
  • • the school day starts at 8.30 and finishes at 12.00 for lunch; starts again at 13.00 and finishes at 15.00 hours
  • • the cost is free (except for buying books) and there are approximately 50 children in a class
  • • the uniform costs about $4 to buy
  • • children first attend at the age of 5
  • • the cigar makers (3 sisters) use tobacco grown in Myinchan (central Myanmar)
  • • they make 1000 cigars a day and sell them mainly in Shwebu
  • • there are at least two monasteries
  • • the monastery in the village has 13 novices and 6 monks.


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