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There are more than 800 islands in the archipelago. There are named Myeik(Mergui) Archipelago as they lie near the town of Myeik and stretch as far south as the border with Thailand. Some of the islands are quite big and inhabited but others are just small solitary rocks battered by crashing waves coming from the Andaman Sea in the west and uninhibited. There are many good spots for scuba diving and other underwater activities around many of these islands. The Salons(Sea Gypsies) or Moken are people who live among these islands but instead of living on land they roam these islands in their small dugouts looking for seashells or diving for pearls and other creatures under water.

Magyun Galet is one of the biggest villages here and opposite the Lampi Marine National Park.Other Salon villages can be found at 115 island or Nyaung wee.

Access to this area is via Kawthoung or Dawei on the Tanintharyi coast. There are flights to Kawthoung from Yangon and also express boat services daily from Myeik or Dawei. Visitors arrange for transportation to resort accommodations built on some of these islands with travel agencies based in Yangon or come via Phuket in live-aboard yachts.

GDT-01 Explore to Virgin Island & Moken Village ( Day trip)

7:30 am – Pick up from hotel

8:00am – Depart from Seik Ngel Jetty in Myeik

10:00am - Arrived to Waterfall on Done Island(Ross Island)

11:00 am - Arrived to Moken Village(Salone)
-Discover & Sightseeing around islan
-Chat with Salone Family & learning their way of lifes

12:30pm-Arrived to Natthamee Yae Twin Island(Drankes Island)
First enjoy lunch and then free relaxing time on white sandy beach.
Relaxing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Fan Fishing, Sightseeing around beautiful beach of the Natthamee Yae Twin Island.

15:00pm - Depart to Myeik

17:00pm-Arrived toSeik Ngel Jetty and then transfer to your hotel.

GDT – 02 ( Myeik Sightseeing ) 2 Days 1 Night

Day (1) Myeik Sightseeing

Natural Bird’s Net House
Local Cashew Nuts Factory
Lobster Fam
Local handmade broom proseeing
Local Candle Processing
Soft Crab Farm
Cool stored factory
Local ship Yard
Enjoy the beautiful sunset from Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda

Day (2) Departure

Local Market

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